What makes Blazon Brush the premier choice for luxury haircare?

Blazon is a high-fashion, ergonomic hairbrush collectible set designed specifically for the 360º Wave enthusiast. The brush features a high-density hexagon bristle array (see image) for increased coverage. Our premier bristles massage your scalp, promote hair growth, and evenly distribute natural oils from root to end. Inspired by sneaker design, high fashion, and popular culture, we offer seasonal emblematic designs and colors to sync up with your unique look. The Blazon hairbrush is ideal for personal use or professional styling.

What type of bristles are in the brush?

The first edition of Blazon Brush features pure boar bristle. Just like your hair, boar bristles are made of keratin, so they can absorb the natural oils created by your scalp, and evenly distribute them as you brush. The high-bristle density helps guide nutrients toward your hair’s root by gently stimulating the scalp, which boosts growth and shine. In 2019, we will release nylon brushes in both soft and firm styles.

How did you design the Blazon Brush paddle?

The ergonomic Blazon Brush paddle features bold geometric designs in a truly unique style. The design is like no other brush on the market. The variety of patterns on each brush design are finely crafted using 3D software and hi-tech injection molding processes. The material is Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and polypropylene plastic. Not only is it durable, functional, and high-quality - it looks dope af when the light bounces off of it.

Why do you sell a Blazon Brush set with a vanity stand and case, rather than just a brush?

We are committed to providing well-made, luxury items to our community. The Blazon Brush case protects both the paddle and the bristles in a fashionable style that is ideal for your busy life. A vanity stand not only gives your brush a place of its own, but makes it easily accessible for barbers, stylists, and anyone looking for a functional way to keep your items easily at hand.

How often do you introduce new colorways and designs?

Just like the fashion seasons, we will be debuting new products 3-4 times throughout the year so you are always ready to flex.

What hair type is the Blazon Brush for?

The debut Blazon Brush is ideal for all hair types and textures when styling, finishing, and developing your unique look. Our current model is a Firm (Hard) brush made of 100% boar bristle. We will release new brush styles in soft and medium, as well as a nylon brush, in 2022.

Do you offer soft and medium?

Right now, we only have Firm (Hard) boar bristle brushes. Soft and Medium bristle brushes will be added to the collection in early 2022.

How do I keep my brush clean?

Click here for a video tutorial on how to clean and maintain your brush.

Can I order the hairbrush without the traveling case and vanity stand?

We only offer the the brush-set at this time.

What happens when I place an order?

You can select your shipping options at check-out. Once you’ve made your purchase, you will receive an email with a tracking number confirming that your order has shipped. You can use the tracking number to find out exactly when the brush will arrive.

Do you have international shipping?

We only ship in the U.S., and are currently exploring options for international shipping to keep up with our multinational community.

What is Blazon’s return policy?

To return your Blazon brush, email sales@blazonbrush.com. We accept returns within seven working days. Used brushes cannot be returned. For more information please see our refund policy.