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New Blazon Hairbrush!


Future of Fresh

Brush with Blazon!




Meet Blazon Brush

Bridging the gap between hairbrush design and fashion.

Product Debut Image
  • Bold Design

    Emblematic hairbrush that makes a statement.

  • Ergonomic

    Sculpted ergonomic grip for ease of use.

  • Carrying Case

    Protects bristles and keeps brush clean.

  • Vanity Stand

    For convenience of use and quick reach.


Bold design inspired by you!

High-Performance Brush

Unparalleled smoothing and finishing.

  • 100% Premium Boar Bristle

    Over 4000 bristles in each hairbrush.

  • Maximum Grip + Pull

    Grips every hair, providing great tension and pull while brushing.

  • Hexagon Bristle Array

    High-density bristle cores provides efficient brushing coverage.

Limited Edition Releases

Designs and colorways change with every drop!