bla·zon [bley-zuh n]: To display prominently or vividly

Emblematic hairbrush that makes a statement. No detail overlooked.

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  • The Soft

    The perfect density for styling/ smoothing wavy hair. A go to for barbers while they are cutting especially if using a 1A-1 guard. Great for edges and brushing the hairline area.

  • The Medium

    This is the GOAT of em all. This is what you use for your brush session. It trains, maintains and break fork patterns. The sound of bristles going to work will be music to your ears.

  • The Firm

    Wolf'n? No problem! In between cuts? This is your go to. Patch in your beard /head, stimulate your follicles with this. Need to gather the hair in a ponytail, go with the Firm.

    TIP: (If too much on the hard side, simply place under hot running water for 20 minutes.)

  • Coming Soon: The Detangler

    Great for blowouts, weaves and wrapping doobies.